LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Toronto

Review of Toronto LEGOLAND

My kids were born 11 1/2 months apart, which mean we have 2 birthdays back to back each year. I usually do a group party for them and all their friends, but this year I wanted to try something different. In lieu of a party, I offered them a trip to Toronto, where we would visit 2 attractions and hang out with their super-cool Great Aunt. The obvious choice for them was Toronto, since they had never been. I was born there, and spent many summers, but I had not yet braved the 4hr drive down south with them yet. We decided on LEGOLAND® Discovery Center (in Vaughn) as one of our attractions, so I was tickled when they agreed to let me do an honest review in exchange for our tickets. I had no idea what to expect, as it was also my first time there, but I can confidently say, we will DEFINITELY be going back. Here is our experience!

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Simple Chewy Oatmeal Cookies #WhatsCookingWednesday

Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

I had this awesome recipe picked out for this week and then chaos struck. On Wednesday my golden retriever Henry caught me off guard and pulled me flat on my back. Slight concussion, whiplash in my neck and walking is incredibly challenging. On my road to recovery my eldest and my husband came down with Norwalk…….I know……I know…….this has been a very trying week both physically and mentally. I just went back to work on the 18th after 4 glorious uneventful weeks and BAM! Back to work 2 days and here comes the shit storm, literally LOL.

So needless to say I whipped this up Sunday afternoon, taking a much needed 5 minutes to myself, and didn’t have the energy to take more than 2 pictures. But I’m sure you can imagine the simplicity of this recipe. I like recipes that are versatile, quick and family friendly.

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We Have a New Contributor!

I’m super happy to announce that Canadian Mom Blog is welcoming it’s first (of hopefully many) regular contributor(s)! This tree-hugging, goat loving, mama of 2, is sure to make you drool with her delicious and wholesome recipes. They’ll be featured on a new series called #WhatsCookingWednesday where a new recipe will be posted each week.

What makes this contributor special is she is none other than my big sister!

Welcome, Chelsea!



2 Ingredient Coffee Creamer (Dairy Free, Paleo)


I’ve been struggling with following the Auto-Immune Paleo diet (or AIP) even though I know it can help with my chronic illness. It’s not easy to change your whole diet and way of life around. I have decided to slowly work back into it, making small changes, one at a time. One big thing to eliminate is Dairy, so I had to find a suitable substitute for my coffee creamer. 

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