Homemade Window Cleaner with Only 2 Ingredients

There are certain times that industrial cleaners are 100% necessary. In my opinion, cleaning your windows isn’t one of them. This homemade, eco-friendly solution works just as well as any commercially made chemical window cleaner and is a fraction of the cost.


When it was time to take my air conditioner out this year, I brought up the windows from my basement and was shocked at how dirty they were. I can’t recall if I put them away like that (probably) or if they just accumulated dirt from being stored for the whole summer. Either way, they badly needed to be cleaned before putting them back in.

All you need to make this homemade window cleaner is 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. For example 1 cup of each, 2 cups of each, etc. Just make sure it’s equal amounts of each vinegar and water. Pour it into a spray bottle, add a label (or don’t but when you make a lot of cleaners like we do, they need to stay labeled) and get to work!

I find the best tool to use when doing this, with commercial cleaner or homemade cleaner, is to use newspaper if you have it. Something about the grit from the print just wipes everything away that much easier but I asked my local paper company to stop delivering them since they always end up in the recycling bin. My go-to is now paper towels, which somewhat negates the eco-friendliness of the cleaner but you could probably also use a microfiber cloth.



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Easy homemade window and glass cleaner!

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