Saving Money with Groupon Goods

Did you know Groupon offers discounts goods as well as experiences? I didn’t but I’m super glad I do now! I try my best to be incredibly frugal, but there’s no getting around some purchases. There are things in our home that we simply need to buy, for a functional living space. 

Buying used is usually my first instinct when I need to make a purchase but over the years I have learned a few things:

  1. You can’t always find quality products. I’d rather make one solid purchase once, and have it last than buy the same item 2 or 3 times.
  2. The selection is hit and miss. If you have to drive to multiple thrift stores or garage sales to find your product then are really saving all that much money? Think of what you’re burning in gas and how time-consuming it is.
  3. There’s no warranty or return policy. Things break, it happens. I like being able to hold a manufacturer or store accountable when a product I spent my hard earned money on isn’t up to par.

Be smart consumer.

Now, all that being said, thrifting is an economically responsible solution. I always have, and always will continue to reduce my impact on the environment and save money by buying used. The problem is, it’s just not always practical.

I pretty much refuse to pay full price for something brand new when I do need to purchase it. I will hunt online for the absolute best deal and wait to buy until I find a fair price if I need to. Now, Groupon Goods makes it incredibly easy for me to do so. Everything I need, all on one site, and tailored to my location. I don’t need to waste time hunting around and comparing because Groupon offers steep discounts on products I was planning on buying anyways.

A good example of this is bedding. I used to always buy bedding used but found that it was wearing out quickly and needed replacing more often than it should have (not to mention the feeling of never quite being able to get them 100% disinfected. Something about using bedding that you don’t know the back story to grossed me out). The problem was high-quality bedding is SUPER expensive and I had trouble justifying that purchase. After a quick search on Groupon I discovered these, at 80% off:


EIGHTY PERCENT! I now know I can confidently make a responsible, long-lasting purchase for my home at a price that will keep my budget in check. While this post has been sponsored by Groupon, and all opinions are my own, I’m truly very excited to start using this service to ensure I’m purchasing quality items I need, at a price I’m willing to pay.

What are some items for your home you feel should absolutely be bought new as opposed to used?



Brittany Wright is a mother of 2, crazy dog lady, and proud Northern Ontario resident. She created CDN Mom Blog as a place to share stories and experiences aimed at helping other Canadian based moms. She likes coffee, pick-up trucks, travel, and doesn’t mind living where the air hurts her face.