Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Integrating responsibility into your child’s life is paramount. It’s our job to give them the tools and insights to ensure their personal success, as they grow and develop into adulthood. The easiest way to start is by introducing chores and other household responsibilities. My kids (5 & 6) have quite a few jobs around my house and always have, yet one of the most common questions I hear is; “how do you know when or what your child is ready for?”. These questions are often accompanied by disapproving tones, furrowed brows, and looks of disdain for not letting my “kids be kids”… Like involving them in the upkeep and general well-being of our shared home is absurd…


We all live here, we do everything else as a family. Why not? An organized home is a happy home and we like our home to be ecstatic. It’s a more much more pleasant experience to be surrounded by a neat, coordinated and harmonious environment, than a chaotic and deranged one.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

It’s a beautiful concept but trying to tackle it alone is distressing and easily off-putting. So get your kiddos involved! Teach them responsibility, allow them to be part of the team, show them hard work does pay off – in whichever way you see fit! For my kids, an amiable place to hang out and play is satisfaction enough, but maybe your children can strive for an allowance or some extra freedom. We are modern parents looking for modern solutions, so find what works for your family and roll with it folks. Nobody knows your kids like you do!

If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon or are just looking for some age appropriate suggestions, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with this list!

Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

2-3 Years Old

Put away toys.
Pick up dirty laundry.
Fold small cloths and towels.
Set the table.
Straighten up shoes/books/pillows/stuffies

4-5 Years Old

Make their bed.
Dust shelves/tables/baseboards
Clear the table
Feed pets
Disinfect doorknobs/railings/handles (using a vinegar solution of course!)
Wash bottom cupboards
Wipe up spills
Sort/fold/put away laundry
Match socks
Load the dishwasher or rinse dishes after using them
Make basic snacks and assemble meals (cereal, yogurt, sandwiches)
Water houseplants
Clear clutter from counters/tabletops
Empty garbages
Replace toilet paper roll!

6-7 Years Old

Take garbage outside
Clean pet messes
Peel vegetables
Sweep floors
Rake leaves
Shovel light snow
Weeding the garden
Put away groceries
Put clean dishes away

8-9 Years Old

Walk/exercise your pets
Wash dishes
Water the lawn
Wipe down counters, fridge, front of stove
Make basic meals in frying pan (scrambled eggs, grilled cheese)
Mop floors

10-11 Years Old

Deep cleaning* (with all natural cleaners!)
Straightening up large areas like garages or storage rooms
Moderate snow removal
Basic supermarket runs (few items, with a list)

12 Years +

Clean the car
Babysit younger siblings
Wash windows
Change light bulbs
Cook a complete meal
Basic mending
*When I mention deep cleaning I basically mean; moving counter top appliances to wipe in behind, taking everything of bathroom counters/shower and washing them, then replacing and replenishing everything…

We all know that every child develops at their own pace, so only assign what you think they can handle, and ALWAYS talk safety beforehand. There are hazards all over the home so as long as you educate and show your kids the proper techniques and precautions you’ll be surprised at just how much your little person is capable of!




Brittany Wright is a mother of 2, crazy dog lady, and proud Northern Ontario resident. She created CDN Mom Blog as a place to share stories and experiences aimed at helping other Canadian based moms. She likes coffee, pick-up trucks, travel, and doesn’t mind living where the air hurts her face.