A New Kind of Nightlight – Illumibowl Review & Giveaway

At 6 and 7 years old, my kids still need nightlights in both their bedrooms and the bathroom. The ones in their rooms don’t bother me but the bathroom light does. It’s either on the entire night, costing me money and wasting electricity, or isn’t bright enough to illuminate the whole bathroom and forces us to turn on the blinding overhead light. We’re a family that likes our sleep and tend to be annoyed easily if we’re forced out of our warm comfy beds for a bathroom break. That means making nighttime trips to the toilet easier benefits all of us.

All that being said, I was pretty intrigued when Illumibowl reached out, claiming to solve the aforementioned bathroom grievances. They asked that I try their product out and give an honest review.

Here is a commercial featuring Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, that explains what exactly Illumibowl does:

My Thoughts

It worked great and my kids thought it was pretty cool. The instructions come folded up in the battery compartment but it’s pretty straightforward regardless. I was worried about it staying put with my son lifting the seat during the day but no problems! I know part of the commercial says it helps with aim, and not having to lift the seat but my little dude is 7, haha, he doesn’t really have great aim to begin with and will continue to lift the seat for awhile longer. The light isn’t blinding whatsoever and the motion sensor has decent range. The color choices are a nice touch, and the kids really liked that it cycled through them on its own. Overall it’s a neat product that solves a common problem. For that, we’re satisfied!


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Canada and US only, ends November 27th at 11:59pm ET.

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