How to Make Multicolored Cupcake Frosting

This super neat trick will transform your cupcakes from basic to pro, real quick, and it’s much easier than it looks. Armed with the Wilton 3-Colour Swirl Coupler and some serious Pinspiration I was able to create the multicolored cupcake frosting that gave these cupcakes a professional looking edge.

First, you’re going to need to order the specialty coupler but it’s actually pretty cheap. You can get the whole kit that comes with bags and tips for under $10. If you already have tips and bags of your own, the plain coupler itself is under $5.

The next step is to pick a good icing recipe. The recipe that I use for both my icing and cupcakes comes from Life Love and Sugar.

After you make your icing, separate it into 3 different bowls and mix in the food coloring. To get a really vibrant color, and avoid watering down your icing, I recommend using food coloring gel instead of drops. For this particular batch of cupcakes, we were going for a My Little Pony theme so we chose teal, rose, and buttercup yellow.

Then, set up your piping bag and coupler. I followed this instructional video and rather than reiterate what they said, it’s easier just to show you the video.


I read many mixed reviews on this coupler before I decided to buy it. Honestly, it was really easy to use so I’m not sure why some people had trouble — and I’m FAR from an experienced baker. Also, the tip I used is called open star #21 and can be purchased in this set from Amazon for under $5. I love the way it dispenses the icing. I’m so excited to use this again, the possibilities are endless!!



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