Help End Child Hunger in Ontario for only $2 #Toonies4Tummies

Did you know 1 in 6 Ontario children experience hunger? What if I told you, you could make a difference with $2?

The Grocery Foundation, in conjunction with community sponsors and your donations, is working hard to end child hunger in Ontario, and raise community awareness. Lets help them meet their goal of $600 000 for this year! 100% of donations go directly back into your community nutrition programs and will help over 800 000 children in need, as a whole.


How can you help?

Starting February 4th visit one of 400 Ontario grocery retailers to make a donation, or visit the Toonies For Tummies website to donate, and track your toonie!

Agents of Change Summit

For the first time ever, The Grocery Foundation will be hosting an Agents of Change Summit. The purpose of the summit is to invite high-school aged ambassadors to amplify the importance of student nutrition. I was fortunate enough to speak with an Agent of Change — Grade 12 student Josee Lacasse from Franco Ouest in Espanola, Ontario — who will be presenting at this year’s Summit.

Photo Josee

Q: What are your thoughts on student nutrition and its impact?

A: I find that student nutrition is very important not just for kids who dont always have the chance to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. But it also helps bring them together, Socially and psychologically. It also makes them all equal.

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of your presentation at the Summit?

A: My presentation talks about how to get students involved in the breakfast program. Along with how my school is more of a family because of the nutrition program it also incorporates idea how to make students more involved into the nutrition program.

Q: Why is it important to engage other students in the topic of student nutrition?

A: The nutrition program is for students. So shouldn’t it have the students opinion and have them engaged and working with the grocery foundation?

Q: Besides donations, how can others help to encourage change and growth in student nutrition programs?

A: Having students volunteer with the program and having a student committee formed of 1 ambassador per region to help motivate students and help with the big decisions.


Join us for a Twitter chat on Tuesday Feb 2nd at 1pm and 9pm EST. Make sure to follow both @GroceryFndtn and @ShashersLife as well as the hashtag #toonies4tummies to get involved!





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