Dollar Shave Club Review

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve undoubtedly seen the ads for Dollar Shave Club. They offer a no-nonsense, gender neutral way to save on shaving. It’s a sad truth that the beauty marketplace has us believing women need pink razors and men need blue. And the cost for a decent razor is astronomical! Anyways, I kept seeing the ads in my newsfeed, and while I’m not really on the subscription-box-bandwagon yet, I thought these guys might just be onto something. A months supply of blades, delivered to your door every month, for a fair price. I decided to try them out, and let you guys know if the low cost reflects the quality of the product. 

I signed up late Sunday night (so I’m guessing it was processed Monday morning) and received my package by Friday. I’m in Ontario and the return address says Quebec, so I’m really glad they have a Canadian office to ship from. Delivery was pretty quick and that made me happy.

On the Dollar Shave Club website you have 3 options to choose from: a twin blade ($3.50), 4 blade ($6.50), and 6 blade($9.50). I decided to go with the 6 blade since I wasn’t messing around. It’s summer, I want to be as smooth as possible for as long as possible. Shipping is free but there is tax that isn’t included in the advertised price. Pretty standard though.

Dollar Shave Club Unboxing Video

So basically to recap the video, your first order comes with a handle, 2 cards, and 4 blades. Pretty straight forward. Not going to lie, I was hoping it would come in a box-style kit, like the one seen in this screenshot of a Facebook ad but I’m a grown-up and I’ll get over it. I’m pretty sure this is because shipping in Canada is ridiculously expensive compared to the States, so in order to keep our cost down, they had to keep their cost down. Envelopes are considerably cheaper to ship then packages.


Do They Work?

Yes! And very well too. I provided a before and after pic below. This is after one pass, using only water:
(Oh, and if you judge my hairy legs, we can’t be friends anymore. Remember, the purpose of the review is to show you if they actually work on super hairy legs. This isn’t a TV commercial.)


The next day, after taking these pictures, I actually used the razor to proper shave and my legs were so smooth! It’s been a couple days now and they’re still feeling pretty good. I can only assume this is because of the sharpness of the blade and the closeness of the cut.

Would I Recommend?

Absolutely. Seriously, so far so good with these blades. I’m totally satisfied with the results. There are a few things I would suggest you keep in mind if you’re going to order:

  1. You only receive the handle with your first order. After that, they only send you the blades each month. You can order an extra handle for $5 if you plan on sharing with a spouse or just want a second complete razor.
  2.  If you find you’re not using as many blade refills as they send each month (4) you can opt to have them send you blade refills every other month.
  3. There is a different pricing structure for American orders. Their monthly plans are cheaper but shipping and handling aren’t included. Make sure you’re ordering from the Canadian site and be aware that some of the advertisements you’re seeing are geared toward American customers.
  4. They have a referral program!! When you sign up, you’ll be given a unique link that you can share with friends and family. If they purchase through your link, you’ll receive a free month. If you click any of the links in the post, you’ll be using my referral link, then you can pass on the good karma referral juice with your link!


Brittany Wright is a mother of 2, crazy dog lady, and proud Northern Ontario resident. She created CDN Mom Blog as a place to share stories and experiences aimed at helping other Canadian based moms. She likes coffee, pick-up trucks, travel, and doesn’t mind living where the air hurts her face.