30 Soul Warming Soup Recipes

The leaves are changing, school has started, the weather is getting cooler. One of my favorite things to make during the fall and winter months is soup. It’s warm, comforting, and easy. I’ve rounded up 30 Soul Warming Soup Recipes for you guys, from some pretty fantastic bloggers. Enjoy!

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Cheesy Bacon Burger Bombs

They say 3rd time is the charm but I nailed this recipe the 2nd time I tried it. These cheesy bacon burger bombs are a melt-in-your-mouth flavor explosion. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to sell you on these so I’ll get right to it, and tell you just how to make these bad boys for your next dinner.  Continue Reading

10 Recipes for Turkey Leftovers

The amount of leftovers after a Thanksgiving feast can be overwhelming. I have rounded up 10 recipes to help you use up those leftovers in ways that will make your taste buds dance (including one of my own!). These recipes are separated into 2 categories; Recipes Originally Made With Turkey and Recipes You Can Swap Chicken for Turkey. Don’t be afraid to experiment! If it can be made with chicken, it can likely be made with turkey.  Continue Reading

20 Delectable Apple Dessert Recipes

Fall is here!  You’ve probably noticed apples going on sale at your local grocer lately. That’s because all around the country, it’s apple harvesting time! You can buy a TON, and for very cheap, come September. Here are 20 delectable apple dessert recipes to put those juicy, healthy fruits to good use. Continue Reading