4 Common Childhood Rashes – What to Expect and How to Manage Them

As a Canadian registered nurse, I see rashes on children all year-around, with a surge in the summer months where Canadians spend more time in nature and are closer to environmental irritants (Carson & Spence, 2010). Generally, most of these rashes are harmless and require no intervention, causing discomfort and redness for only a couple days before fading away (Tinsley, 2016). However, there are still a few rashes that should be taken seriously by parents like yourself, and treated as a sign of a potentially more serious illness. This post will cover four of these rash-generating illnesses: Fifth disease, Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, Impetigo, and Scabies.

From my nursing experience, these four rash-generating illnesses are common but are also largely unknown to parents. To help you avoid such uncertainty if your child is diagnosed with one of these four illnesses, I want to share with you some key nursing knowledge. Specifically, this nursing knowledge will entail (1) what to expect during the course of the disease, and (2) how to successfully manage the disease from home –  All information that I hope you will find helpful in getting your little one feeling better! Continue Reading


25 Kids Activities to Keep Busy This Summer


School is out and it can be a very frustrating time for parents. Half of the parents I talk to are worried about securing child care, the other half have no idea how to keep their kids entertained long enough to catch their breath. I’m a firm believer in letting kids get bored once in a while, it inspires creativity, but leaving them to their own devices for the duration of summer break is a recipe for disaster. Below you’ll find a round-up list of 25 kids activities and crafts that will help keep your littles busy during the break.  Continue Reading


5 Tips for Painless Spring Cleaning

Spring is here which means it’s time to wash away the staleness of winter. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting task and it’s actually something I have learned to, dare I say, enjoy? I do a major deep cleaning twice a year, once in the spring then again in the fall, and the last few times have actually gone pretty smooth. It’s no longer this overwhelming, loathsome time of year and it helps me to mentally prepare for the change in season. I’m deeply affected by the weather and use my autumn clean to prep myself for the cold months ahead, while the spring clean is to kind of pull myself out of the winter slump. Well, spring is here baby and I’m ready! check out my 5 tips for painless spring cleaning so you can shake off the winter with ease. Continue Reading


4 Key Steps to Teaching Your Children How to Get Involved

Teaching your kids to become involved in their community is rewarding, both emotionally and physically. It not only helps to build character but benefits the organization you choose to aid. Social responsibility doesn’t happen over night though, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your whole family is making the most of the time and energy they have to give. Continue Reading

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Integrating responsibility into your child’s life is paramount. It’s our job to give them the tools and insights to ensure their personal success, as they grow and develop into adulthood. The easiest way to start is by introducing chores and other household responsibilities. My kids (5 & 6) have quite a few jobs around my house and always have, yet one of the most common questions I hear is; “how do you know when or what your child is ready for?”. These questions are often accompanied by disapproving tones, furrowed brows, and looks of disdain for not letting my “kids be kids”… Like involving them in the upkeep and general well-being of our shared home is absurd…

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20 Free (or Cheap) Family Boredom Busters

Heading into the weekend I thought I would share a list of some of our favorite free, or super cheap, family activities. Contrary to popular belief, fun doesn’t need to cost a lot! With these suggestions , he most you’ll be spending is a bit of gas money or pubic transit fare, depending on your location, situation, ect. I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes it feels nice to get back to the basics and who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again? Here are 20 frugal family activities to get the most out of your summer while being kind to your wallet.

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